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Are You You Constantly Struggling To Convert Cold Traffic Into Sales Every Single Day?

Brand NEW System Shows Exactly How I’ve Converted Millions of Clicks into Leads, Sales, and High Ticket Purchases Every Single Day of The Year!

Mike Buontempo

Dear Marketer,

Let’s Face it..

You want to Convert Cold Traffic but you just can’t figure it out..

Every time you try..

You just can’t recoup your ad budget..

You spend a couple hundred, maybe a couple Thousand Dollars, and only get back 20 - 30% of your initial ad spend.

You’ve probably been trying for months..maybe even years to finally crack the Cold Traffic Code..

“If I could just Convert Cold Traffic, I could scale my Business to the moon!”

It’s a saying I used to utter a lot around my office..

I’d struggle to even break even on my Ad Spend and would go in the Red each time..

I knew eventually I would get it if I kept at it.

Pouring Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars into Testing..


Tracking Softwares..


And after Two Years of Painstaking Progress..

I finally had a WORKING Formula for consistently converting Cold Traffic into Sales and Scaling Campaigns Every Single Day.

It took 574,384 Visitors, 206 Laser-Focused Split Tests and a $201,571 Investment to get this right for ANYONE to use..

I finally had figured it out..

Exactly what backend I should use..

How to price my Upsells..

The Flow of my Funnel…

What Optin Layout I should use..

I had it all boiled down to a Formula I knew I could get anyone to use..

That’s when I decided to put it all in a Course so no one would have to go through all the PAIN, Lost Money, and Thousands of Hours, I went through..

Introducing HydroFunnels 2.0

My BRAND New System for Converting Cold Traffic in ANY Market, Any Niche, and Any Type of Sales Funnel

HydroFunnels 2.0 is going to show you EXACTLY how to Engineer your own Profit Pulling Sales Funnel so you can consistently put in $1 and get $2, $3, and even $10 out each and every single time you advertise.

Simple, reliable, scalable.

Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Discover In The HydroFunnels 2.0 Training

You’re going to get to Pop Open The Hood to my $2.1 Million Dollar Direct Response Marketing Business

Here’s the deal..

If you even have a thought about Consistently Convert Cold Traffic, then you need to pick this up.

I’ve spent Hundred’s of Thousands of Dollars figuring all of this out so you don’t have too..

Thousands of Hours..

Too many Million Dollar Mistakes to post..

All to get to this point..

So now I’m going to make you an offer you ABSOLUTELY Cannot Refuse..

Grab My HydroFunnels 2.0 Training Right Now and I’ll Throw In a LIVE Training where I Dive Deeper into my Funnels, Answer Your Most Pressing Questions, and Finally Let You Close the Cold Traffic Gap in Your Business. $2,000.00 Bonus

To get an Hour of my time to Consult with you would cost you $2,000.00, so when I put the value at $2,000.00, I’m not lying.

Plus you’re going to Discover Secrets I Discovered in a $25,000 Mastermind I Joined this year that included 7 and 8 Figure Marketers such as:

Russell Brunson

CEO of ClickFunnels and 8 Figure Marketer

Michael Taggart

Regularly does 8 Figures a Year with Facebook Ads, Cryptocurrency, SEO, Webinars and Sales Funnels

Ray Higdon

MLM Market Leader, 7 Figure Earner, One of the Top Trafficked Blogs in the MLM Space

Steve Gray

Regularly Drives Tens of Millions of Clicks in the Survival Niche

HydroFunnels 2.0

Here’s Why I’m Pretty Much Giving This Away For Just $47

  1. I want to start this relationship off on the right foot, give you some absolutely insane value, and then I want you to work with me on a higher level. I want to work with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world one on one and I know once they get a taste of what I can do for them, they’ll be banging down the door to work with me.

  2. I’ve been where you’ve been before. It sucks when you can’t Convert Cold Traffic consistently. You can’t scale. You’re at the mercy of other JV’s. I want to help you get over that hump.

  3. I wanted to make this the easiest possible investment for you. At $47 it’s a literal no brainer and I know I’ll be able to change as many people’s businesses for the better as possible.

Here’s what some of my Clients, Customers and Mastermind Members have to say about Working With Me..

Here’s what Some of The People Who Got Early Access Had to Say About The Course..

Grab My HydroFunnels 2.0 Training Right Now and You’ll Get Immediate Access to the Profit Producing Strategies I’m using in my Business Right Now

HydroFunnels 2.0

Here’s Why You Have to Act Now

I’m launching this for 7 days at just $47, after that I’m either raising the price to $47.00 or $97.00.

I know what this material is worth, and it will still be a STEAL at $97.00.

You will also not get access to the Live Training if you try and Purchase Later..

So in Order to LOCK IN The absolute BEST Price, you need to order right now and grab your spot.

There’s a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so all the risk is on me.

So what you need to do is Order Right Now and then DIVE Into the carefully crafted content I’ve put together for you.

HydroFunnels 2.0

I know you’re going to ABSOLUTELY Love what I have in store for you, and I look forward to having you as a customer for life.

To your Profits,

Mike Buontempo

PS. I’m literally giving you the Results to over 574,384 Visitors, 206 Laser-Focused Split Tests and a $201,571 Investment. Isn’t that worth the $47?

If that’s not worth the $47 admission, then I’m not sure if you’re a serious marketer..

HydroFunnels 2.0